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My knitted toys above are just so adorable!! They are designed by Stephanie Cameron of Cameron-James Designs. I had come across some of these enchanting wee toys several times in the last year. But it was at my local wool shop where I was buying wool for my dolls hair that I fell head over heals in love with 'Bramble Bunny'. He was all knitted up and sitting on the counter looking at me - too irresistible!!

Most of the knitted toys are made using 8 ply wool with alpaca as a major component. This gives the toys a very soft and cuddly feel!

Wool and pattern were bought that day. Fortunately we had a very wet day so he was completed in a day. I was amazed how easy and quick he was to make!

You can purchase the patterns directly from Stephanie on her website - which is what I did as they were so much cheaper. I think I've bought 6 so far - Mistletoe Mice and Ernest the Elephant are still waiting to join the family!!

Bramble Bunny was the first toy I knitted. I used a natural wool with about 30% alpaca in it. This is what the toy I saw in the wool shop was made from and it was so soft. The wee cable jacket is removable.

I was very pleased with how sturdy the ears were. You make 2 sizes of ears and sew them together before attaching them to your bunny's head.

This wee fellow is a mix of 2 patterns, Holly Bunny and Jim-Bob Bear. Again I used the wool for the body with 30% alpaca in it. The 3 items of clothing are knitted in 4 ply that I already had. They are all removable. I love the wee Xmas cup cake buttons I used on the scarf and hat.

Clarissa The Cat is my grand daughter's favourite. She comes with knitted in knickers that have a picot edging and a wee ribbon embellishment - you can just see the edge of the black ribbon I used. The dress is removable. Don't you just love the button embellishments on her shoes and bows.

I used regular 8 ply wool for this wee lady as the alpaca blend only came in natural shades. Her cuteness doesn't need extra soft wool!

Bella Ballerina I named after my wee grand daughter and I made her from a mix of patterns, Clarissa The Cat and Bramble Bunny.

The ballet shoe ribbons I made by casting on 4 stitches and knitting every row until I thought they were long enough. I copied the idea from here.

The wee flower buttons I used are in 2 colours. The white you can see and the purple button is in the bow on her headband (see group photo at the top of this page). To make the headband I cast on 5 stitches and knitted every row till I thought it was long enough.

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