Joannes Designs Week13

Nine Patch Variation Quilt 69" x 78"

Joannes Designs Week13 'Nine Patch Variation' quilt was a design I created for a relatively new quilter to make. The nine patch block is so versatile and quick to make. It can be dressed up or accented as in this case to create a stunning quilt.

I have chosen bright red as my accent color but an accent in any color will work well. Also if black and white are not your thing then remember that this quilt would look great in any number of contrasting color combinations.

There is only one block used to make this quilt and the block is very simple to make being comprised of two squares and 2 rectangles.

What adds interest to this quilt is the positioning of the blocks. Each alternate row is the same with the red square either at the top or bottom position. The 1st, 3rd 5th etc rows the red square is on the left side and on the 2nd, 4th, 6th etc rows the red square is positioned on the right side. You'll need to take care when laying out the blocks as it is very easy to make a mistake.

To download the pattern or rotary cutting guide click on the relevant image below.

My advice when making this quilt:

1. Sew one block together first. Check you like your colors.

2. Sew together all the 56 blocks to form 9 1/2" x 9 1/2" square blocks. Measure & trim each block so they are all exactly the same size. This is essential in ensuring that the joins between blocks match up beautifully.

3. Lay blocks out on a flat surface or design wall following the quilt design. It is best to stand back to see if any of the blocks have been placed incorrectly.

4. Sew blocks together into rows. Press alternate rows seams all in the same direction. For example rows 1, 3, 5 etc press their seams to the right. Then rows 2, 4, 6 etc press their seams to the left. This will help the quilt top to sit flat once finished.

5. Measure your quilt top in 3 places vertically to get the average length to cut your first two side borders. Cut two red borders this length. Sew in place.

6. Remeasure your quilt top in 3 places horizontally to get the average width to cut your next two borders. Cut two red borders this length. Sew in place.

7. Repeat for the black border.

I hope you enjoyed Joannes Designs Week13. Just 39 patterns to go!

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