Baby Bopple Ball

My baby bopple ball has been made with love for my wee grand daughter. I saw this in my local quilting shop and just couldn't resist the urge to make one!

The pattern comes from Vanilla House Designs and is a lot of fun to make.

Vanilla House Baby Bopple Ball Pattern

They have a brilliant method of getting stuffing into the handles! I must remember this for any future projects.

It's a straight forward pattern to follow (only 3 pattern pieces!!) but you need to note that each pattern piece has a different seam allowance. I'm not sure why this is other than having room to place all the pattern pieces on the same page.

I followed their pattern initially but then made a couple of modifications as the wee balls at the ends of the handles were not as smooth as I'd like them to be.

  1. I found clipping at regular intervals around the wee circles at the end of the handles a great help.
  2. Toys that make noises are always fun so I added a wee rattling device inside the main ball at time of stuffing. I also found several of those squeaky devices that I sewed into the ends of three of the handles. This was not an easy job as it required adding a bit of stuffing as well (so all the handles were the same size) and then hand stitching the opening that was on the curve.
  3. When attaching the handles I decided to attach mine at a different point than in the pattern. In my photo above you'll notice that the base of each handle gets wider where it attaches to the ball. This makes the handles a little longer as well.

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